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Winter Wonderland Wedding?

Winter weddings have been such a hot topic for years (or chilled topic, depends on who you ask!). Are the bride and groom insane to have their wedding in the winter with unknown weather conditions and peak holidays? Or is the couple considered smart for going with an off season date that’ll cut the cost in half, leaving more money in their budget to escape to a tropical island? The debate has been on the rise for awhile, and today we’re going to break down the pros and cons of a winter wedding.

Let’s start off with the cons, we’ll save the best for last!

For starters, like stated above, choosing a winter date can be an extreme gamble. Whether you choose a date in the beginning of December, or a date near the end of February (even into March!) you are up against Mother Nature. Sure, you could have your wedding indoors, but Mother Nature isn't going to put a pause in her plans while you and your guests are traveling.

Secondly, you could run into the risk of having very important guests traveling for the holidays. Generally speaking, the cold months are when families and couples take vacations. You may not be able to have all of your special people attend, depending on if their annual cruise is the same time as your wedding or not.

Lastly, winter weddings could cause a lot of uproar for photos. If you have a venue that has a lot of indoor space, great - no need to worry. However, if you are at a smaller venue then you may be forced to go outside and have your photos taken in -30 weather.

Moving away from the negativity, let’s focus on some positives!

First of all, your winter wedding could truly be a winter wonderland. With decor alone, and your grand exit, you could be living a fairytale. Think horse drawn sleigh, large thick snowflakes, and crisp air. Your decor could focus on Forest Greens and greenery with mini lights. There is nothing more magical than fresh snow and love in the air.

Next, you could design your menu around warm cocktails, and cozy comfort food. There are a thousand ways to make French Onion Soup appealing for all, especially under brisk winter weather. Also, have you seen the winter wedding cakes? They are absolutely gorgeous and can sway any bride to move her date to winter time.

If you are considering a winter wedding, it is best that you also consider all that you will do with the spare money. Having a wedding in the off season is one of the many perks. You will suddenly see that venue, decor, photographer, and even catering prices shoot extremely down. Something that should really be considered if you are on a smaller budget to begin with.

I know we have listed both pros and cons, but I can also think of a million other reasons why winter weddings are so underrated and should be considered at a higher rate. Winter weddings are beautiful, unique and inexpensive. My vote is for winter weddings, how about you?


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