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What is a "Shot List" & Why is it Important?

“Oh my goodness, we booked our dream photographer but we have no idea what poses we want! How will we make sure to get photos that we want for years to come!?”

A shot list is a very common term that is used in the event industry. It breaks down different photos you want to capture during your event, right down to who is in it and with what props. Your photographer and/or event planner more than likely will have a general one made up, which is a great platform to branch off of if you have any other personal ideas or photos you would like to recreate.

A shot list is so important to have because it not only ensures that you don't forget any poses (or people!) but it also helps to keep the event flowing smoothly. With a shot list, there won’t be any awkward pauses waiting for family members to decide if they want in or out. There also won’t be any unwanted guests photo bombing any photos either.

Before we forget to mention, the shot list isn’t just to ensure you capture people, but also all of the florals and decor as well! The photos that you take home, we want to make sure they will fully transport you back to the day, so all of the minor details will help with that!

Here we have included some of our shots that we recommend getting your wedding day. For a full review of our shot list, please reach out to us!

  • Bride + Groom + Bride's Parents

  • Bride + Bride's Parents

  • Bride + Bride's Mom

  • Bride + Bride's Dad

  • Bride + Groom + Groom's Parents

  • Groom + Groom's Parents

  • Groom + Groom's Mom

  • Groom + Groom's Dad

  • Bride + Groom + Bride's Siblings

  • Bride + Groom + Groom's Parents + Groom's Siblings + Groom's Grandparents + Groom's Aunt(s) + Groom's Uncle(s) + Groom's Cousins

  • Couple with any children in the wedding party

  • Groom with bridesmaids

  • Bride with groomsmen

  • Flat lay of stationary suite

  • All custom signage and day of stationary

  • Signature drinks

  • Each meal course


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