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Industry Predictions: 2021

Well, here we are… the final day of 2020! This year has been such a crazy ride - full of loops, twists, turns, fear and excitement! I don’t think that anyone could have predicted what 2020 would have given to us, or what we would be able to give back to it. Although 2020 was a year we would like to leave behind, I think it is also equally important to reflect and bring the growth and positives with us in 2021.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that love and joy is something that cannot be taken away from us, even when social distancing restrictions are in place. We were able to coordinate so many beautiful (much smaller!) weddings this past year, and let me tell ya… love and joy was ALWAYS present.

Moving into 2021 industry predictions…


Wedding Dress, Party Dress

Unfortunately, it is no surprise to anyone how many weddings were cancelled/postponed in 2020. That being said, we’re going to see a boom in postponed receptions and first anniversary parties. People haven’t gathered with their loved ones and friends for such a long time that they’re itching to celebrate big. They already wore their wedding dress at the elopement or smaller ceremony, so many might choose to leave that dress in 2020… which allows the party dress to enter. The party dress still says “I am the bride” and it has a certain flare that can’t be ignored even without the big ball gown, but it is easier to move in and celebrate in.


Increase in Elopements

The elopements this past year have been such a hit, and have taken away a lot of “planning stress” for couples (even though they were hit hard with Covid stress). Elopements have become the norm in 2020, and we see that carrying throughout 2021. Like our above point stated, a lot of people are choosing to be eloped and then celebrate with everyone at a safer time. Love is sweet, and just because your wedding day is downsized, doesn’t mean that elopements downsize your love for one another!


Guest Count of Under Fifty

Okay, okay. You decided you don’t want to wait, and you also want your close family and friends as witnesses. We’re looking at the trend of keeping guest counts under fifty. Even when restrictions lift, we’re predicting that weddings will remain small and intimate. 2020 has taught our industry that size is just a number, and that it doesn’t impact the amount of fun being had, or memories being made. With the smaller guest count, couples have really enjoyed being able to personally thank each guest for coming, which sometimes doesn’t happen if the guest count is over one hundred. We’re here for all of the small, beautiful weddings!


Maximized Attention to Detail

Just because your guest count is smaller, doesn’t mean that the details are going to be smaller. In 2021, we’re predicting that details are going to be leveraged and enhanced. We’re talking personalized monograms and custom boxes for each guest upon arrival. The maximized attention to detail will not only make the couple feel like royalty, but will also enhance the overall experience of the guests too. For example, there are some weddings where rice is thrown, but only the seats along the aisle get to participate because it simply isn't in the budget for all 150-200 guests to throw. With smaller weddings, and maximized attention to detail, it is a simple pleasure knowing that every single seat will have a chute of rice ready to throw as they send off the happy newlyweds. Cheers!


Shorter Engagements

2020 taught everyone to make snappy decisions, no matter how hard it was. Some weddings were changed completely in 48 hours. Forty-eight hours… let that sink in! That was before we had the groundwork to make magic happen quickly. It was when we were rolling with the punches and waiting until the next announcement was made, only to find out we’d have to change it again. Having the confidence, knowledge and skills, we are confident that a lot of couples will opt for shorter engagements. We are predicting that couples will make their decisions quickly, tie the knot, and begin their official

life as Mr and Mrs.


As always, we are so honored, grateful and appreciative of all the support! Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to get through 2020 so smoothly. We grew so much as a company in 2020, and we are so excited to take everything that we learned into 2021. We are hopeful that 2021 is going to be a year filled with love, joy and excitement. Happy New Year’s to you and yours, from us and ours. xo


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