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5 Reasons to Love Micro Weddings

If you haven’t heard of micro weddings, prepare your heart to fall in love. Micro weddings have been on the rise since 2019, and the pandemic this year has allowed micro wedding’s to absolutely take off! Let me tell you… we aren’t mad about it! Micro weddings are like the little squishy puppy, or the adorable baby that you just want to squeeze! They are so cute and special. There are countless reasons to love micro weddings, we only listed the top five (for now!).


1. No Need to Postpone the Big Day

This point speaks for itself. You have been dreaming of this day since you were younger, and the thought of having to postpone longer into the year, or even changing your date can cause a lot of stress and uncertainty. With the micro wedding, you can keep the same date that you chose! Chances are it is unique to you and your partner, so why change that?


2. Financial Freedom

You can view this one two different ways. On one side, you can say “perfect, less guests mean that I can splurge more!” or you can take a step back and re-evaluate your budget! How cool is it that you can still have your dream wedding, but spend A LOT less and put more money towards a house, bills (ugh - don’t remind me!), or even your honeymoon! Financial freedom that is gained from a micro wedding is incomparable.


3. Middle Ground

This option is the most perfect balance between traditional, and modern. The perfected blend of a minimony and a large wedding. So many couples are leaning towards micro weddings for this point alone… you have the experience of having guests, along with decor, cake, dancing, and all the other fun stuff of traditional weddings, but the comfort in knowing your wedding is more personal. Some would say you can’t have the cake and eat it too… but in this scenario we say order more cake and indulge!


4. Intimate

Intimacy is key these days. With social media, our networks can feel so large, and it can sometimes be overwhelming with how many people see our day to day activities. Having a micro wedding allows you to take a step back, and be fully engaged in your big day! The thought of inviting over one hundred people to your wedding is great, but sometimes you need to hit that reset button and invite your closest friends and family. After all, this day is about you! Micro weddings typically have under fifty people in attendance, allowing you to feel close to all of your loved ones. Keep your big day intimate and private… until you choose to share on social media!


5. Beautiful and Personalized

Don’t get us wrong… large, traditional weddings can be THE MOST beautiful and personalized event. However, there is something so unique and special about micro weddings that can take personalization to the next level. Maybe it is that your guests are truly your best friends and family, that you will be able to talk to each of them at your wedding, or even the choice to show more personal items such as your parents and grandparents wedding photos.



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